Power Grid is a C++ class for displaying text in a column/row format.
Development Status: Alpha Current Release: 0.2.0 Power Grid is currently at evaluation level, and should not be considered for use in production projects. It is now at the point where you can use it for non-critical personal projects, just don't go crazy with it though, still some bugs to be worked out. NEWS: Some of the functions and constants have had their names changed. If you are upgrading from ver. 0.1.0 you may have to make some changes to your code, for example if you used SetCellAttrib() to set a cell's text color, you will need to change it to the new function, SetCellColor(). Look in the changelog to see what's new. FEEDBACK: We would appreciate any feedback about Power Grid, knowing your thoughts will help us make it better, so stop by the forums and tell us what you think. Click the link below. Power Grid Forums


Power Grid being used in a CD database program, data from a MySQL database is displayed in the grid. XP style headers are used.

Power Grid demo program showing plain style headers, text and column colors.

Power Grid Project Page

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